Friulane Shoes the newest comfy chic for your closet

Friulane Shoes the newest comfy chic for your closet

The newest comfy chic in the shoe closet, Friulane is now a true fashion must-have. 

A trend that continues to rise, these velvet slippers are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics.

Originally, these shoes were created as peasant footwear, made by country and farmer women who repurposed bicycle tires for the sole, jute bags for the upper, or scraps of fabric. The variations were a real expression of each family’s creativity, with seams, embroidery, and decoration and later the velvet to become the ultimate signature.

Originated in Friuli Venezia Giulia they became very popular later on near Venice when gondoliers discover them because they were comfortable and stable, while the rubber sole did not scratch the gondola’s paint. They were also appreciated by Venetian nobles who preferred them to silent slippers – Papusse - to sneak unnoticed by their secret lovers.

The origins of these shoes date back to the mountains of Friuli, where country, farmer, and peasant women used leftover pieces of fabric from old clothes, sheets, tablecloths, and jute sacks to make footwear for themselves and their children.

They called them Zavati (slippers) and if they were made in velvet, they were worn for holidays and even for weddings embellished with embroidery 

A good shoe is a work of art, and that's just as true for Friulane shoes. In fact, the best ones will have been carefully designed to facilitate a dynamic stride and provide maximum comfort for the wearer.

In the world of handcrafted footwear, Friulane shoes (also called Furlanes, Scarpetz or Gondolier shoes) are a trend that's quickly making a name for itself. They are the perfect hybrid of slipper and ballerina, proving that fashion and function can go together like butter and coffee.  They are so versatile that same pair of shoe can transition from looking great with jeans and chinos, as well as evening dresses and tweedy wool suits. And they also make an excellent alternative to high-heels, fashion boots, and booties.



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