Mar Soreli

Our history began in 1980 when we decided to accept Ugo’s work offer and move to Miami for 8 months from Friuli, NE Italy. As it often happens when you step into America, new opportunities arise. Fast forward 42 years on, we are still in Miami, sold our very successful world-renowned lingerie company Cosabella, and now ready to give back with Mar Soreli by searching, discovering, and bringing to the USA original outstanding masterpieces created by small artisans with a long heritage of craftsmanship but little access to international brands - Friulane shoes.

Mar Soreli, which means Sea Sun in the Carnia region of Friuli dialect is born because after 40 years exclusively dedicated to our own creations of innovative, colorful, and fashionable hi-end lingerie it is the time for us to explore other fields, outside the lingerie world and bring to the USA new products from talented artisans that with their craftsmanship and colors inspire us the same pleasure, fun and unique feeling we contributed these past 40 years with our colorful lingerie collections.

Our Mar Soreli new adventure starts here with Friulane shoes, the most traditional and versatile handcrafted Italian slippers. There is a story behind Friulane shoes that originated in Carnia, Friuli more than a century ago and is worth taking notice of. It’s a story of the love, dedication, and creativity that poor country mothers were putting into these slippers to give their daughters something to wear that could resemble festive shoes as an alternative to the everyday wood clogs, the only ones most families could afford

As said, the "scarpetz", as they are called in Carnia,Friuli, were born as shoes for the festive days and were sewn by hand by the expert hands of our grandmothers using the canvas of old sheets for the upper and bicycle tires for the rubber soles.

As we say "Good reasons don't change with the times" sometimes the past comes back and presents itself in a more modern, more colorful, more fun way but always preserving its history and tradition handed down for generations from father to son.

Now, as it was then, our Friulane shoes are hand-sewn by local artisans in Carnia. For the rubber sole, the bicycle tire is still used but for the fabrics of the uppers, there is no limit to the imagination of those who create them: colorful velvets, prints, brocades, precious embroideries, and more. Friulane shoes are now a "Must Have", chic and elegant, and have a great color selection without compromising comfort and practicality. Mar Soreli brings you the Sea and the Sun of Italy in the form of Friualne shoes directly to you from Carnia, Friuli, in their traditional velvet versions with all the colors of the rainbow and much more.
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