Friulane Shoes FAQ

Q: Where are Mar Soreli‘s Friulane made?

A: Our Friulane shoes are 100% handcrafted in ITALY with Italian-sourced materials and fabrics, then brought to the United States of America.

Q: Where are they shipped from, would I have to pay Import duties and other taxes?

A: Our Friulane shoes are imported from Italy, stocked, and then shipped from our Miami warehouse. If you are located in USA you will not have to pay any USA Import Duties, however, you may still be charged for your own state sales tax.

For shipment outside USA (To the Rest of the World), you will be responsible for your own country's import taxes or other fees required by the destination country.

Q: If my favorite style or color is out of stock can I special order it?

A: This is a yes and no answer. Please contact us by phone or e-mail. If a style or color you are looking for is not in stock.

Some styles/colors may be temporarily out of stock but on order. We will let you know when they will be in stock again.

Other styles or colors are limited edition collections, but we may be able to special order for you if the material is still available at the artisans' laboratory. However, be aware that any special orders will be a final sale and can’t be returned unless proven to be a factory defect.

Q: Are the soles really made of Bicycle tires?

A: In keeping with tradition, the Friulane also called Venetian slippers because later adopted to be worn as Gondolier Shoes made their debut in popularity and have been captured, and brought out to the USA. Also known as Furlane, the rubber soles are still made from bicycle tires as it gives a solid grip with reliable wear without leaving black mark on the floor.

Q: Are the shoes locally made in Venice or Friuli?

A: Our artisans are from the Friuli region and they are handmade within their workshops.

Q: How do I care for and maintain my new Marsoreli Velvet Friulane Shoes?

A: You can wash your new velvet Friulane shoes by hand in cold water and delicate fabric detergent or in the washing machine in delicate cycles and cold water temperatures. Do not tumble dry but hang them in a dry place or open drafty airway and not in direct sunlight. You can also dry-brush them delicately with a soft brush if spots/mud drops are on top of the fabric.

This procedure is indicated only for velvet and does not apply to other Friulane fabrications or textures.