Friulane Flats: Slippers or Shoes?

Friulane Flats: Slippers or Shoes?

  • A fashionable alternative to slippers, handcrafted Friulane (or furlane) shoes are a Made in Italy trend that has become one of the most popular worldwide. Their recycled and therefore sustainable rubber sole made from bike tires, and upper fabric provides comfort and elegance.
    The most traditional Friulana velvet slipper used to be just solid black with a small flower bouquet embroidered on the center top. The addition of colorful velvet, contrasting colorful piping, print and burn out velvet and even more precious fabric as silk and brocade transformed each handcrafted Friulana shoe in a versatile piece of art, modern but still loyal to its traditional style.
    Whether you wear them as comfy and chic slippers to walk around the house or as an elegant accessory with your dress, they’ll never go unnoticed.
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    But why should you choose a Friulana slipper versus any other slippers out there? And should we instead promoting them to the much deserved title: Friulana shoe? 


    Traditionally designed to facilitate a dynamic stride and guarantee comfort, Friulane shoes also known as Furlana, Papussa, Venetian  shoe are perfect for accompanying everyday, uncommitted comfort at home while at the same time, they lend themselves impeccably to complement luxurious atmospheres like those of aperitifs or classy dinners.
    Their timeless elegance modernized by using burn out, brocades and precious silks makes them an excellent choice for completing formal looks, combining them with elegant dresses and high-quality fabrics outfits.


    An important thing to consider when choosing a pair of flats is how comfortable they are after wearing them for an entire workday. To determine this you should walk in your flats for prolonged periods of time to mimic a commute.
    When shopping for a pair of flats, you should also look at how the shoe fits on your foot and if it has any uncomfortable seams or edges. You should also take a good look at the bottom of the shoe to see how it's constructed and if it has any unravel stitching or glue. Finally, make sure the flats have a sturdy sole and a comfortable insole.
    All these features are combined in the Friulana shoes whether it is the traditional velvet style or the more modern version in silk. 
    The Friulana shoe, or "scarpetz", is a traditional shoe from the mountains of the Friuli region in northeastern Italy. Originally, women made these shoes in their villages out of various materials, including jute sacks and old sheets. They were known for their comfort and versatility, and they even served as footwear for gondoliers in Venice because the rubber soles didn't damage the varnish on the boats. Nowadays, there are still a number of makers in Friuli who continue to make these shoes according to tradition, where they have been hand-making Friulana shoes for generations.
    You can recognize a genuine pair of Friulana shoes by their hand-sewn sole and heel, as well as their hand-stitched seam.


  • If we take a closer look at the history of Friulana shoes (gondolier shoes ), they were originally peasant footwear handmade by families from the mountain areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where nothing was wasted and ingenuity stimulated creativity to reuse materials such as jute coffee sacks or the fabric used to transport seeds and grains.
    Today they embody the perfect hybrid between slipper and ballerina, ideal to complete both casual outfits without giving up comfort and elegant evening looks in a sophisticated key.
    Their durability is ensured by the rubber sole made of recycled rubber from bicycle tires, which makes them suitable for wearing both indoors and outdoors.
    Think about bicycles! If you can go anywhere with your bike so you can with your Friulana velvet slipper and they are also incredibly soft and comfortable, thanks to the cotton velvet or delicate fabrics used for the upper.
    The easy and practical velvet ones may show signs of wear and tear over time, but it is easy to restore them by light circular rubbing or steaming. The shoe’s interior is also completely stitched making it easy to wash in a washing machine with a delicate cycle.
    I would  however be more careful how and where I walk while wearing the Friulana made with silk or more delicate fabrics. For these I suggest to check wash instruction if available or avoid the machine at all.
    This craftsmanship was passed on from generation to generation in the same family and still today, there is no industrial machine capable of replacing the skills of these artisans.
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    If you are looking for a comfortable shoe that will complete your looks, look no further than the Friulane shoes. This perfect hybrid between slipper and ballerina is ideal for casual outfits, but also fits impeccably with elegant outfits.
    Originally, these shoes were designed to facilitate a dynamic stride while guaranteeing comfort and safety.
    The women brought their creations to Venice, where they became the favorite shoes of gondoliers, who appreciated them for their functionality and versatility. They were very comfortable to wear, especially for long walks, and they had the advantage of not damaging the wood covering of the gondolas. They were also a good choice for parties, because they could be worn with a nice dress and were often embellished with embroidery or beads.
    In recent years,  Friulana shoe has become a must-have in the world of Italian footwear. Today, it is the most sought-after accessory by celebrities and refined tastemakers. Its casual chic style is a trend that is sure to continue, and it can be paired with any outfit.


    The flat shoes known as Friulane or Furlane (or Papusse, as they were called by women living in the Friuli region of Italy) have become a real fashion trend recently.
    Initially a peasant shoe, they have passed through the Venetian canals and the houses of nobility in northern Italy to reach their current popularity. They are comfortable, classy, and refined and embody the Italian Dolce Vita style.
    They can be casual-chic and worn indoors or outdoors. Depending on the color and fabric, they can match a wide range of clothing from jeans to formal wear. They can also be decorated with a wide variety of patterns and embroidery, creating a very personal shoe. The traditional Friulana is made in cotton velvet and can be machine washed. This makes it easy to keep clean and fresh. The velvet may show marks and stains on the surface, but this is normal for velvet and can be easily removed with circular rubbing or steam.


    These shoes are a good choice for the transition period between summer and fall, when you want to put away your sandals but aren’t quite ready for boots. But even in the coldest Winter evenings
    or on your mountain vacation you will feel great wearing a Friulana velvet slipper with a pair of our matching soft and warm InnBamboo socks while sipping a Spritz in front of a fireplace.
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    Some say that Venice holds the key to the romantic language of Italy, we say it must be the shoes the Gondoliers are wearing - Friulanas. With their non-slip bicycle tire rubber soles and a variety of primary colors being offered by the local artisans of Friuli, you can't go wrong in having comfortable stylish Italian shoes
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