Is it Grey the new black?

Is it Grey the new black?

First of all, did you know about the most absolute versatile color of this season? Black loses its primacy as an elegant/chic color par excellence, supplanted by another that you probably don't expect! Try to guess....

Yes that's true! We finally reveal the color that wins first place as the elegant color of the season: pearl gray!

Gray in all its tone, charcoal or pearl is a versatile and sophisticated option that can complement various fall outfits.

Let me be clear, black will never fade and will always have space in our wardrobes, but give grey a chance this Fall '23. Even if the weather is getting cooler and the sky less bright we still want our closet to be light and fun. 

So, stock up on elegant maxi dresses or pants in light fabrics in a delicate pearl grey or more formal charcoal grey and match it with a fun but still chic leopard print Friulana shoe in grayish tone.  

This color is also excellent to use as a neutral to combine with the other colors of the Fall '23 palette in any outfit.

However if you still want to wear your great black Friulane shoes please do so but add a touch of grey with a pair of comfy  InnBamboo Livorno socks 






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