March 8, 2023 - The world celebrates International Woman's Day

March 8, 2023 - The world celebrates International Woman's Day

Why Yellow to celebrate International Woman’s Day?

While color may represent various things in our lives - culture, and seasons most importantly it is communication. The sense for styles, coordination, mood, contrast, and expression. So how is the color associated with Women's Day? How does it communicate? What does it say?

Yellow - Vitality, strength, and joy

At Mar Soreli we celebrate Woman's Day by introducing our Ocra and Yellow Friulane Shoes. What better than a handmade traditional Italian Friulana slipper (also known as Furlane, Scarpetz, or Gondolier shoes, Venetian slippers) to celebrate the love, patience, and enduring strength of Friuli's women and all women in the world who fought to give us a better future.

Yellow is the color that best suits this anniversary in terms of meaning: expressing vitality, strength, and "joie de vivre", it is the color that better represents life and becomes a metaphor to remember all women. Yellow is a color associated with light, intellect, knowledge, warmth, and joy. The Ancient Greeks, used it in wall frescoes obtaining it from ochre while the Ancient Romans wore it in clothes for ceremonies and weddings. Also in Asia and South America, this shade is always positively associated.

In Buddhism, it is a symbol of wisdom while in China in the form of gold, it was associated with luxury and worn by the emperor. In Venice by the Doges and still, today associated with health in the form of sociability, spirituality, and patience. It evokes energy, cheerfulness, and joy and for that reason, it is much appreciated by children and frequently used in children's wear.

It was March 1922 when International Women's Day was celebrated for the first time in Italy. There is however much confusion about the origin of this anniversary, which is different for each country, but every year we celebrate it for the same reason: to remember the social, economic, and political achievements, the discrimination and violence of which women have been and are still the subject in almost all parts of the world.  

We have to wait for 1946, however, for its most famous symbol, the mimosa!   It was chosen not for its particular meaning, but because it is a flower that blooms in this period, it flourishes even in difficult terrains despite its apparent fragility and is associated with the great strength of women, capable of getting up after any difficulty. It is a flower accessible to all, fresh, bright, and sunny, which despite its short duration manages to give a smile to the person to whom it is given. In our garden, you will find delicious bouquets of mimosas, simple or enriched with orchids and other cut flowers, finely packaged to pay homage to its elegance.

Women's Day is an opportunity to renew the bonds of friendship and affection, spending the day in the company of loved ones or shopping for the woman in your life or for yourself for something comfortable and...yellow like our Friulane shoes.

About Mar Soreli: Some say that Venice holds the key to the romantic language of Italy, we say it must be the shoes the Gondoliers are wearing - Friulanas. With their non-slip bicycle tire rubber soles and a variety of primary colors being offered by the local artisans of Friuli, you can't go wrong in having comfortable stylish Italian shoes indoors or outdoors. Feel the difference, and shop at Mar Soreli for your Friulanas to complement your wardrobe.


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