Vacationing in Sardinia with Friulane Shoes - Porto Rafael

Vacationing in Sardinia with Friulane Shoes - Porto Rafael


A classic that combines comfort and style; a must have for any of your trips regardless of destination- Friulane slippers. Never leave home without it!

Friulane shoes were invented in Italy by women in the Friuli region. Now they have experience a revival and have become the ubiquitous radical-chic flats shoes seen everywhere in Italy at the most exclusive beaches, lakes and mountains resorts .

Thanks to brands like Mar Soreli that introduces them  in amazing colors, prints and fabrics they are available now in the USA.


The Porto Rafael Lifestyle

The small village of Porto Rafael evokes an interesting story: the dream of  noble Spanish count Rafael Neville to realize a charming tourist village right on the sea with a central Piazzetta where to celebrate life.

His dream came true and the result is a fascinating place where time seems to stand still and the beauty of the landscape will touch your heart. 

Located on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, Porto Rafael is a small tourist destination characterized by enchanting sea views and elegant architecture.  It is a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life and a perfect place to relax in contact with nature. The village is a real gem of nature. Its privileged position makes it possible to reach in a short trip, even with a simple dinghy, all the islands of the Arcipelago della Maddalena , a strictly protected marine park. It also offers the opportunity to discover the charms of Corsica and its stunning landscapes.  



This village is a poem of white houses in the middle of Mediterranean shrubs and pink granite rocks that contrast with the emerald blue of the sea. Cobbled streets and intimate squares create a unique atmosphere. The village offers a wide range of services and amenities including a marina, restaurants, bars for a relaxing aperitif in front of the beach, shops and more.

The villas in Porto Rafael are often secluded and concealed to ensure privacy and relaxation, and are reminiscent of the simple lifestyle that the inhabitants live.

The original houses design with their rounded details and shapes are encrusted into untouched granite stones that become part of the house structure. This concept is based on an architectural development that is always respectful of the local environment, which emphasizes family and authentic personal relationships, serenity and intimacy. They also prioritize quality of life with an emphasis on sustainable tourism.

In this context, the Friulane shoes are very popular in Porto Rafael and their simple design completely embrace and enhance this lifestyle.

They are ideal for walking along the beaches, on the rocks and climbing up and down cliffs and the hundreds of trails in the surrounding area.

They are comfortable, lightweight and adapt well to the shape of the foot. Their no slippery feature, main reason why they have become a favorite between gondoliers in Venice, make them the perfect shoes to jump on a dinghy, walk on the hundreds of Sardinian rocky trails not feasible for flip flops and a great alternative to sneakers. Who want to wear sneakers on the beach anyway?  

Do not expect  to find in Porto Rafael the sandy beaches of the Adriatic coast. Here you will mostly find rocks and pebbles. For major comfort it is always a good idea to wear your Friulane velvet slippers on the beach to fully enjoy the pleasure of exploring Port Rafael hidden gems and diving in their crystalline waters.

Fell free to jump in and swim with your Friulane on, your feet will thank you and your Friulane will be perfectly fine. Just wash them in tap water and hang them dry when you get home. They will look like new. 



And do not forget the amazing boat rides!

Sailing on the constant Sardinian breeze or just relaxing on a yacht while sipping your Spritz is the ideal way to experience the beauty of Sardinia and what a vacation in Porto Rafael is all about.

It is not just a holiday in one of the most exclusive resorts in the world, but rather a journey in a corner of paradise that is a testament to the quality of life.


Think about the feeling of waking up in the morning, opening your eyes to the sun rising and slowly warming up the amazing panorama of the Maddalena Archipelago, listening to the gentle roar of the wind as it brushes over the granite rocks,  sipping the first coffee of the day or a Spritz before dinner in the Piazzetta at historic Gatto Volpa cocktail bar in your Friulane shoes ... it can be enough to give you an unforgettable experience.


The Nightlife

Porto Rafael renowned Piazzetta and its glistening sea are the perfect backdrop for this luxury resort. The Count Rafael Neville great charisma attracted famous guests from the world of international show business to his luxurious resort and parties. These reached their zenith on the Count’s birthday, which was celebrated in the Piazzetta every year.

The Count’s spirit still lives on in Port Rafael. Although the parties at the Piazzetta have slowed down in recent years the azure of the sea, the green of the island and the white of the resort’s villas are reflected in the sophisticated atmosphere surrounding the area.



From La Sciumara, the only one served with rental ombrellas,water toys and a restaurant, to the most secluded reachable by short walking like Cala Inglese, Nelson, or Cala di Trana it is hard to choose in which one you want to spend your day.  However you can't go wrong with Cala Scilla, also called "Le Piscine". This is by far my favorite one.

The big white granite boulders and rocks that form authentic natural pools is the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the crystalline waters while being protected by rocky promontories that separate it from the open sea. 



To reach this paradise you need to follow a short trail mostly protected by nature and trees. We suggest to wear comfortable shoes like our Mar Soreli Friulane shoes. With their traditional rubber bike sole you will feel protected on the sometime slippery granite stones and the uneven soil. Once there just sit and relax with your favorite book and leave the world behind.

Where to dine 

Last but not least excellent restaurants located in Palau , a few minutes away from Porto Rafael contribute by offering unforgettable culinary experience. You can't go wrong with dining at Cucumiao or La Gritta with their exceptional traditional Sardinian menu the first,  sophisticated with an added breath-taking view of the archipelago the second. 

Going out in your Friulane shoes is a must in Sardinia. They can fit any style, color, and wardrobe. Being easy on the feet while walking on rocks, dressing up while at a restaurant or on a yacht watching the sunset  will give you enduring comfort with style. From casual happy hours on the beach to the most sophisticate restaurant in town you will feel perfectly at ease in your Friulane shoes. 



 About Mar Soreli: Some say that Venice holds the key to the romantic language of Italy, we say it must be the shoes the Gondoliers are wearing - Friulanas. With their non-slip bicycle tire rubber soles and a variety of primary colors being offered by the local artisans of Friuli, you can't go wrong in having comfortable stylish Italian shoes indoors or outdoors. Feel the difference, and shop at Mar Soreli for your Friulanas to complement your wardrobe.



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What a lovely article – hope we get to come and visit! I need to order some Mar Soreli shoes – so many beautiful colors to chose from!

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