Summertime 2023 is almost here with an explosion of colors! Add a new summery color to your friulane shoes collection.

Summertime 2023 is almost here with an explosion of colors! Add a new summery color to your friulane shoes collection.

The bright palette that will adorn our wardrobe in the warm months of summer will really be intense and when it comes to Friulane shoes it is better to be prepared with the right outfit. With such amazing colors we are not sure which one you will select first: your clothes or your Friulane. These aren't just the so called Gondolier or Venetian shoes, these are original Furlane from Friuli, Italy. Given the bright and vibrant shades of the rainbow for anyone to accessorize and make a summer statement at home or to bring with you on the mountain or the beach to enjoy during your hot summer vacation.

Cobalt or electric blue opens the catwalks of the most famous stylists, followed by a deep orange tending towards fluorescent. In addition to being astounding with these deep shades, it is also the year of the search for serenity, what better color to express our need for inner peace than a beautiful amethyst purple tone?

Obviously, we can’t miss a bright Fuchsia. Among the spring and summer 2023 fashion colors, fuchsia is naturally the protagonist! Now a must-have for some seasons.  This color remains an undisputed option among the spring and summer colors.


Fuchsia will be joined by another intense and charged red, the beautiful Rosso. Depending on how we wear it, this color expresses sensuality, grit, energy, and vitality.

Tip: For the perfect summer look try to combine bright colors with each other for example with blue and orange together you can't go wrong. 



 If, on the other hand, you want to create interesting contrasts, wear brightly colored garments by combining them with others from the pastel palette of the season. You will be perfect.

About Mar Soreli: Some say that Venice holds the key to the romantic language of Italy, we say it must be the shoes the Gondoliers are wearing - Friulanas. With their non-slip bicycle tire rubber soles and a variety of primary colors being offered by the local artisans of Friuli, you can't go wrong in having comfortable stylish Italian shoes indoors or outdoors. Feel the difference, and shop at Mar Soreli for your Friulanas to complement your wardrobe.


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